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Hazel Hall, poet and needleworker.


Hazel Hall, 1886-1924, USA.


Needle, you make me remember things…
A path through a wood that ran like wine,
A turn, and the bubbling smell that clings
Close as breath to the lips of springs
Where the sun is sprinkled fine.

Needle, you have a path to run
Where never the boughs of trees have met
And never has seeped the rain of the sun;
But long is the way you have just begun…
Needle, you make me forget.”

Source: The Collected Poems of Hazel Hall. OSU Press, 2000, Oregon, USA.

I’ld like to share this poem because it shows how I feel about my needlework. I discovered the work of Hazel Hall a few years ago, and bought her book with collected poems. She wrote a lot of poems about her work as a seamstress an needlework.
Poems with this quality about needlework are so rare.
In the future I will share more poems of Hazel Hall on this blog.

If you would like to know more about her:


Gathering creativity in our community. Creativiteit verzamelen in de buurt.

So many people around us are crafting in every way possible.
Recently a friend and me came up with the plan to gather this creativity, in order to share inspiration, work together. help each other, chat about it, and about all kinds of other things in life of course 🙂
We started craftevenings in the community house of our neighbourhood. (So lucky to have that!) We made invitations:


Er zijn zoveel mensen in onze buurt die iets creatiefs doen. We zijn onlangs begonnen met crafavonden organiseren. Hierboven zie je een foto van de tweede avond. Wat was het leuk!

Above you see a picture of the second evening. There is mending, drawing, quilting, knitting, crocheting, making keycords, fingercrocheting, making dolls.
We had fun!