Yarnbombing to blow the winter away


Officially it is spring in the Netherlands…. But frost and snow make it feel as if it’s still winter. Done with that I tried to blow the winter away, and keep up the spirit with this yarn bomb. Neon colors should do it. And yes, the next day the sun was there… Good reactions too from neighbours.





My spiderweb-lamppost project!
The spiders you see are made from chestnuts by two of my neighbourchildren.



A few years ago the yarnbombvirus reached my streets. A few primary school girls and me started a yarnbomb group in our community. We call ourselves the ‘De Wilde Kersen’ (The Wild Cherries), named after our community. And like every other yarnbombgroup we like to stay anonymous ;-)))

Our group is still alive and kicking, though the girls bomb the streets less, and make scarves and hats. We gather once a month and stitch and bitch a lot!



For this caravan i’m crocheting spiderwebs! I already have a lot of them…..
The caravan is situated in the garden of dear friends, it is nearly our second home. Right now we spend a few days there. With an electric blanket it is, -even in winter like now- a comfy sleeping nook/nest.