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Crafting for health: Kathryn Vercillo’s book ‘Crochet saved my life.’

Do you know anyone who is depressed, has MS, arthritis, or any other mental, physical or chronic illness?

In this post I want to draw your attention to a book about the benefits of crafting for your own health. I’m reading it now and it gave me so much food for thought, and even more, food for my hands! I’m crafting more than ever.
I was not aware of the fact that there had been a lot of research about the benefits of crafting. This made me very aware of the importance for me. I survived several depressions, and off and on I have to fight a big battle when it recurs. Crafting helps me. This book helps me.

Here you can read a book review that gives a good idea about the book:

“The book opens with Kathryn’s own battle with depression, and continues with one gripping and amazing story after another of despair and relief through crocheting. The book is also chock-full of scientific research, and it’s immediately obvious to anyone reading it that the message reaches far beyond crocheting: crafting, particularly tactile and engaging crafting, does wonders for the spirit. Grab this book if you’re stressed/anxious/depressed and are looking for a light at the end of the tunnel. Read it for inspiration from powerful women who have turned their lives around. If you have a friend/relative struggling with mental illness, read it as a way to gain insight into their experience- as Kathryn has a gift for putting into words ideas that usually remain hiding in the back of peoples’ minds. You might even want to read what’s inside this book so you’ll have an excuse for squeezing in more crocheting!” – Stacey Trock of FreshStitches



Read more about the book:

The author of ‘Crochet saved my life’ is now writing her second book ‘Hook to heal’. You can read more about it here:


Gathering creativity in our community. Creativiteit verzamelen in de buurt.

So many people around us are crafting in every way possible.
Recently a friend and me came up with the plan to gather this creativity, in order to share inspiration, work together. help each other, chat about it, and about all kinds of other things in life of course 🙂
We started craftevenings in the community house of our neighbourhood. (So lucky to have that!) We made invitations:


Er zijn zoveel mensen in onze buurt die iets creatiefs doen. We zijn onlangs begonnen met crafavonden organiseren. Hierboven zie je een foto van de tweede avond. Wat was het leuk!

Above you see a picture of the second evening. There is mending, drawing, quilting, knitting, crocheting, making keycords, fingercrocheting, making dolls.
We had fun!



I’m Anne from the Netherlands. Favourites: Being with friends, getting inspiration from arts, crafting, listening to music and laughing.
On this picture you see me standing in line in front of Westminster Cathedral, crocheting a flower.

Former professions: Arts teacher (drawings and textiles) ; Communications trainer/advisor/coach in various companies.
Due to a so far hidden illness i had to give up my job in 2005 and i had re-evaluate my life. I picked up some of my earlier habits and i re-developed them: Textile crafting like crocheting, knitting, embroidery, sewing, weaving, felting etc. Being busy with fiber and yarn adds a lot of pleasure to my life.

New here

So New here!
Still trying to figure out how this whole thing works….
It will be allright in the end. If it’s not allright, its not the end.
See you around.


“Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.”

Voor mij is kunst een troost in nare dagen.
Naar kunst kijken of zelf iets moois maken.
Ik schrijf, op plaats foto’s van dingen die ik zie of maak.

On Art, design, architecture, photography, and especially textile art, crafting, and yarnbombing 😉