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Yarnbombing to blow the winter away


Officially it is spring in the Netherlands…. But frost and snow make it feel as if it’s still winter. Done with that I tried to blow the winter away, and keep up the spirit with this yarn bomb. Neon colors should do it. And yes, the next day the sun was there… Good reactions too from neighbours.



Mindful Crochet Potholders


I needed an easy crochet project for mindful crafting! And I found it. I made two potholders.
The potholder above was inspired on the mandala pattern and tutorial from Winkieflash's blog:

She shows excellent how she gets an invisible ending of a circle! So easy and such a beautiful result.

I crocheted two mandala's, and crocheted them together to get an nice thick potholder.

The other potholder I crocheted came from

At first I had some trouble with the beginning and the end of the row. It had to be done in another way than I was used to. But I soon figured out how it had to be done in this pattern. Also a very mindful project.


Crafting for health: Kathryn Vercillo’s book ‘Crochet saved my life.’

Do you know anyone who is depressed, has MS, arthritis, or any other mental, physical or chronic illness?

In this post I want to draw your attention to a book about the benefits of crafting for your own health. I’m reading it now and it gave me so much food for thought, and even more, food for my hands! I’m crafting more than ever.
I was not aware of the fact that there had been a lot of research about the benefits of crafting. This made me very aware of the importance for me. I survived several depressions, and off and on I have to fight a big battle when it recurs. Crafting helps me. This book helps me.

Here you can read a book review that gives a good idea about the book:

“The book opens with Kathryn’s own battle with depression, and continues with one gripping and amazing story after another of despair and relief through crocheting. The book is also chock-full of scientific research, and it’s immediately obvious to anyone reading it that the message reaches far beyond crocheting: crafting, particularly tactile and engaging crafting, does wonders for the spirit. Grab this book if you’re stressed/anxious/depressed and are looking for a light at the end of the tunnel. Read it for inspiration from powerful women who have turned their lives around. If you have a friend/relative struggling with mental illness, read it as a way to gain insight into their experience- as Kathryn has a gift for putting into words ideas that usually remain hiding in the back of peoples’ minds. You might even want to read what’s inside this book so you’ll have an excuse for squeezing in more crocheting!” – Stacey Trock of FreshStitches



Read more about the book:

The author of ‘Crochet saved my life’ is now writing her second book ‘Hook to heal’. You can read more about it here:



My spiderweb-lamppost project!
The spiders you see are made from chestnuts by two of my neighbourchildren.

No Knots No More

No Knots No More

Tired of unknotting your i-cords before listening?
Just a simple crochet around it and you never have to untangle your cords. Ideal for using your left-over yarns.

Winter decoration

Winter decoration

My summer and winter in one pic: driftwood and shells from Scotland, together with my crocheted stars and snowcristals.

And snow…

De zomer en de winter in 1 plaatje: Schelpen en aangespoeld hout uit Schotland, sterren en sneeuwkristallen zelf gehaakt. En dan sneeuwt het ook nog.

December 2012



For this caravan i’m crocheting spiderwebs! I already have a lot of them…..
The caravan is situated in the garden of dear friends, it is nearly our second home. Right now we spend a few days there. With an electric blanket it is, -even in winter like now- a comfy sleeping nook/nest.