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Yarnbombing to blow the winter away


Officially it is spring in the Netherlands…. But frost and snow make it feel as if it’s still winter. Done with that I tried to blow the winter away, and keep up the spirit with this yarn bomb. Neon colors should do it. And yes, the next day the sun was there… Good reactions too from neighbours.



Embroidery Travel-Kit

Embroidery travel Kit

In 2008 and 2009 I was an active embroiderer. I made an embroidery travel-kit. I designed it myself. But my inspiration came from a beautiful Craft store in Marly where my sister lived at the time. (Justin-le-Petit-Point, Marly-le-Roi, near Paris.)

New Theme, New Background!



I changed the appearance of my blog. The new theme has a ‘see-through’ background which I could choose myself. I chose an embroidery I made in 2009.
I found the patterns in a book from a secondhandstore: the Scandinavian knitting pattern book. It was so lovely to experiment with all kinds of combinations of charts from this book.

Aukje wants a fish

Aukje wants a fish

She is three years old, lives across the street, and she knows what she wants. A cuddly toy. Not a bear. She wants a fish. She chooses the fabric and I make her a fish. Aukje is happy.
(Made in 2007)

Embroidery Paisley


This was a very mindful craftproject for me. Even though I did not know what mindful was at that time. I called it meditative needlework (which is the same 😉 ) .
The inspiration came from a magazine ‘Flow’ with colouring picture for grown-ups.
The repetitive movements of my hands, was very relaxing for me.
I had to work slowly because I wanted it to be precise.
I made this in 2009.

Mending Jeans

scheur gerepareerd van spijkerbroek

I almost threw this jeans away. Till I saw all kind of inspiring examples of mended jeans, among them the sashiko technique. Beautiful!!! So now I’m repairing my jeans in my own way.
My mother: “ Did you buy this expensive jeans?”
“No mum, I made this myself.”

This is the case: She had just spoken to someone who had bought such a jeans for a lot of money…

Bijna weggedaan deze gescheurde jeans. Tot ik op Pinterest allerlei voorbeelden zag van gerepareerde jeans waar de sashiko techniek werd gebruikt. Prachtig! Dus nu ben ik bezig om al mijn jeans op mijn eigen manier te repareren.
Mijn moeder: “Heb je zo’n dure spijkerbroek gekocht???”
“Nee mam, dit heb ik zelf gedaan.”

Wat blijkt: ze had net iemand gesproken die voor veel geld zo’n gescheurde en gerepareerde jeans in de winkel had gekocht…

Child designs own scarf. Kind ontwerpt eigen sjaal.

Child designs own scarf. Kind ontwerpt eigen sjaal.

Child designs her own scarf.

This was a really nice project I did with one of my befriended neighbourchildren. She wanted me to knit her a scarf. I invited her to make the design. I gave her some magazines and asked het to choose the colours she liked. After that I asked her to draw the forms she liked on the scarf.
With those colours en her design we went to the shop and chose yarn, felt, a beautiful thread for her name and small roses.

Kind ontwerpt eigen sjaal.

Dit is een leuk sjaalproject dat ik deed met een van mijn bevriende buurkinderen. Ze wilde graag dat ik een sjaal voor haar zou breien. Ik nodigde haar uit het ontwerp te maken. Daarvoor gaf ik haar tijdschriften met de vraag om de kleuren die ze mooi vindt uit te scheuren. Daarna tekende ze een ontwerp voor de vormen op de sjaal. Met die kleuren en ontwerp gingen we naar de winkel en kozen we garen, vilt, sierdraad en de roosjes.


Wristwarmers. Polswarmers.

Inspired by all these beautiful wristwarmers on Pinterest, I made some too.

Geinspireerd door al die mooie polswarmers op Pinterest, heb ik er ook een paar gemaakt.


I made these for Fenke, from Noro wool for socks.

Deze maakte ik voor Fenke, van Noro sokkenwol.


And these are for Margo, who gave me her wool for a sweater which she never finished. I used the wool to make her these wristwarmers.

En deze zijn voor Margo. Zij ga me haar wil van een onafgemaakte trui. Daarvan maakte ik voor haar deze warmers.

Wristwarmers are so nice and warm when working behind the computer. Sitting behind a desk for a long time, can make you a bit cold, which can result in unconsciously lifting your shoulders. This may cause a pain in your neck. Wristwarmers are such a nice gift. Easy and ready in a few days.
At first I tried to crochet one with the Noro wool. but is became a bit stiff, and the colors didn’t come out as they do now.
Knitting 2 purl and 2 knit, gives them elasticity and they form themselves around your wrist and hand.
And yes: i made some for myself too!

Polswarmers zijn zo lekker al je achter de computer zit. Als je lang zit ga je onbewust je schouders optrekken als je afkoeld. Daar kan je nekpijn van krijgen.
Eerst heb ik ze gehaakt van de Noro wol, maar die waren zo stijf en de kleuren kwamen niet zo mooi uit. Twee recht, twee averecht maakt ze rekbaar en ze vormen zich mooi om je hand en pols.
En ja, ik heb ook een paar voor mezelf gemaakt!

Treasure chest. Felting around an object.




I saw these gorgeous feltprojects at my favorite textile & arts centre and shop Hawar ( The woman who works at this centre made these objects, and explained something about it. You just take an object for which you’ld like to make a treasure chest. Felt several layers around it, don’t make them to thin. Vary in thickness and color. Add scraps of yarn in between the layers to get the effect of small spots.
When your shape has the desired form, you let it dry (sometimes this takes a week).
Then take a very, very, very sharp knife and cut through the layers till you reach the hidden treasure.

Inspired by the work on the photo’s I invited some children to work with me on this project. But is soon proved to be a project that took too long for them.
I finished Aukje’s project with her marble.

(Beware not to cut yourself. I found this was the hardest part of the project, because I had to guess where my treasure was hidden, and it was really tough to cut through the felt.)

Treasure chest. Felting around an object.



My spiderweb-lamppost project!
The spiders you see are made from chestnuts by two of my neighbourchildren.