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Treasure chest. Felting around an object.




I saw these gorgeous feltprojects at my favorite textile & arts centre and shop Hawar ( The woman who works at this centre made these objects, and explained something about it. You just take an object for which you’ld like to make a treasure chest. Felt several layers around it, don’t make them to thin. Vary in thickness and color. Add scraps of yarn in between the layers to get the effect of small spots.
When your shape has the desired form, you let it dry (sometimes this takes a week).
Then take a very, very, very sharp knife and cut through the layers till you reach the hidden treasure.

Inspired by the work on the photo’s I invited some children to work with me on this project. But is soon proved to be a project that took too long for them.
I finished Aukje’s project with her marble.

(Beware not to cut yourself. I found this was the hardest part of the project, because I had to guess where my treasure was hidden, and it was really tough to cut through the felt.)

Treasure chest. Felting around an object.